Mash Upを日本語で言うと?


To Host or Not to Host: Is That Microsoft’s Big Question?
By Mary Jo Foley

Microsoft ‘CRM Live’ and ‘ERP Live’ may not take the hosted-application shape that many company watchers, partners and customers have expected. Instead, Microsoft may lean more toward business mash ups as the crux of its software-as-a-service push.


“Business mash ups” and other kinds of composite applications also can be considered to fall under the Microsoft Live banner, too, said Microsoft Business Solutions Corporate Vice President Satya Nadella.

“Live isn’t just about hosting. It’s also about mash ups. The real idea of Live is exposing the business logic. And there are lots of hybrids, like the recently released RSS generator for CRM, which can be very powerful for thins like lead sharing and visibility into the CRM pipeline.”,2180,1943281,00.asp