Bring Back the A-Team!!

2006年5月18日、Times紙に掲載されたイギリスChannel 4のテレビ番組ガイド。

Channel 4, 10.15pm

“People thought I was dead,” said the actor David Hemmings, “but I wasn’t. I was just directing The A-Team.” Hemmings had a great time working on the popular 1980s shoot-‘em-up series, which was described by one cast member as “the last truly masculine show”. That’s how bad it was. His affection is shared by Justin Lee Collins, a hairy man who grew up watching The A-Team and has clearly been damaged as a result. In this perversely entertaining programme, Collins charges around Los Angeles in a state of excitement, door-stepping the surviving members of the cast to set up a reunion. His combination of front and flattery is impressive and embarrassing in equal measure. But hey, it works.,,14934-2184925,00.html


Bring Back The A-Team Part 1

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