Ultramarine "Every Man & Woman is a Star".

We would like to dedicate this album to Dewey, whose spirit pervaded the sessions and who will be fondly remenbered by us all for his kindness and his wisdom. It was on a late summer evening at Dewey and Cassie’s place in Sweetleaf County, Arkansas, that the seeds of these songs were sown.

With abelly full of Cassie’s hog-roast and a head full of Dewey’s moonshine, talk turned to music. Dewey said “There is music for the body and there is music for the mind. Music for the body picks you off the floor and hurls you into physical activity. Music for the mind floats you gently downstream, through pleasurable twists and turns, ups and downs, rapids and calm waters… And sometimes there is music for the body and for the mind.”

After a few more bottles and some fine bearclaw, we made our way up to the ridge to take in the night air. Looking up at the sky, Dewey said, with a tear in his eye and way too much booze inside him, “Every Man and Woman is a Star.”

His comment passed us by at the time, but these words stayed with us and gradually became our focal point during work on this album.